The Caged Soul Who Sings


Its been a few months since my last blog post on here  I been traveling like crazy from Hawaii, LA, LV, DEN with no time to myself alone in silence away from everyone and everything and for that i deeply apologize. So many great things have been happening since my last post celebrated my 25th birthday back home, got a chance to perform in LA, Denver and Hawaii to recently releasing my new latest free project titled:

Trust Me, You’re Not Alone

and I also have some huge things in the making that I’m really excited to share with you all soon if all goes well with everything.

But in the midst of these things taking place I also have been behind closed doors battling things in my personal life i have kept in the dark from my close friends and family till now from mental psychosis (hearing voices in my head), depression, suicide, anger, resentment, lack of sleep as well as battling addictions to alcohol, sex and pornography. For the past few years or so i been secretly fighting with all of this embarrassed to share this with anyone in fear of being judged by my family and peers in the industry but, today while sitting in my room alone in the dark with no one to reach out to about this i felt that i just needed to finally get this off my chest here in hopes to give motivation to those who are going thru the same as i, if not worse to get the proper help they need.

The other night  while out to support a friend at her birthday event i was suppose to perform at it came out full surface outside the venue i instantly snapped at 2 of close friends in public over something so small that could have been handled better but, due to everything i stored away for so long in the dark it came out outta no where and while trying to maintain my emotions at the event the mental psychosis side took its course after the anger and placed everyone else i knew and seen at the event as instant enemies with voices in my head telling me they were talking about me and out to get me and i couldn’t take it so i instantly left the event and what makes it more of a surprise is that overall I was only there for an hour then vanished.

These things I battle with have effected my life deeply to the point that its effecting the relationships that i formed with people from family to friends to industry peers to even making any new friends. it has kept me up various of nights on the edge of insanity as well as me completely spacing out in various moments not living in real time reality with everything around me instantly caught up in my troubled thoughts and voices in my head that aren’t even real.  Each day I am drowning in a sea of mixed emotions in search of inner peace in a constant spiral of endless suffering I am truly embarrassed revealing all of this because I know so many people look up to me and i feel i have let you all down.

It has been so hard for me to trust anyone or anything and i am tired of living this way, tired of being sad within, tired of doubting myself, constantly crying in anger wanting to hurt myself or end my life. So I will take the time to fix myself within and break these addictions that hold me back from experiencing happiness in my true form of self  I really hope the Most High will have me cross paths with the proper people who are willing to guide/ help me along my journey because as of late i have no one to turn to for any help about these issues what so ever, it almost feels like nobody even has the time or day to deal any of things so many people like myself go thru everyday because their too busy trying to make it in  a rat race society so its brushed off to the side without any regard.

but somehow, some way i will find a way to make it out the darkness of pain and suffering and into the light of peace and love.






Marching For Peace

It’s a couple a weeks since my last blog post, better yet almost a month now that July is about to end. So much has taken place since my last post & I’m very proud of myself for pushing thru the self doubts and bad habits. I recently put together a #MarchForPeace back home in Honolulu, HI in the wake of the recent death of Alton Sterling who was an unarmed Black Man man selling CD’s who was murdered by police officers live on video. I remember waking up that day taking my mother on her errands sitting in the car and logging on social media and seeing so many emotions/opinions/ racial conflicts flooding on the internet from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all news media outlets. And words could not express how sad i was to see an entire country/world going thru so much negativity conflict that I decided to not vent my emotions in the internet like the millions of people who were already doing that, but actually take action and bring my community in my birth place of Hawaii together from all cultural backgrounds to come together peacefully creating dialogue and peaceful solutions to help bring positive changes/growth to our communities. So I contacted my very close friends of mine who are in a reggae roots band back home called: The Late Onez (TLO) and shared my ideas w/ my boy Tui to create a not only a peace march/social gathering but a dedicated positive moment called #MarchForPeace that will bring people together from all backgrounds together united for the betterment of humanity and he agreed to told me that’s a wonderful idea. So I quickly put together a flyer and sent out a massive text out to all my friends in my phone book telling them to come out to Ala Moana Beach Park at 1pm to the social gathering/peace march to raise awareness of racism, police brutality and overall unfair injustice that is going on in our country and worldwide. In the matter of minutes the flyer i made flooded the internet and word quickly spread like wildfire and my phone was blowing up like crazy of people thanking me for taking action but i didn’t do it for thank yous or shine, i did it because its what is needed in this world and its the right thing to do. So right after frenzy of endless phone calls another close friend of mine a very peaceful/spiritual soul named Quality who runs a online radio station called: “Sandy Scoops Radio” that supports all local artists in Hawaii sent me a text asking if i could meet up with him later in the day to discuss changes ideas on this movement. And so we connected outside of the local Down To Earth exchanging positive energy and amazing ideas which lead to my friend deciding to donate mad cases of water and food for the march I was truly shocked/thankful for his help and I forever will be. When the day of the #MarchForPeace came I was truly nervous in my room alone filled with self doubts thinking to myself “What if nobody shows up?”

So I stopped and took a sometime to clear my mind and pray to God and my ancestors to help give me strength/courage I need to lead this march and to guide my heart to the path of enlightenment and no be afraid and not allow my fears to suppress me from taking action for what I truly believe in. As I kissed my mother and grandmother goodbye loading the car with the donated food and water making my way to Ala Moana Beach Park. Once I got there the beach park it was filled with family bbq parties everywhere but I notice something that caught my eye and made me very uneasy and It was the massive gathering of Honolulu Police Department officers all gathering together in 1 place talking and preparing for something they wasn’t ready for and I had a feeling it was the #MarchForPeace social gathering/peace march I put together. Long story short the March went very well hundreds of people from all different cultural backgrounds came out and I was truly overwhelmed because I studied the great leaders such as: MLK, Malcom X, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Tupac, Huey Newton. And to see that hundreds of people came out based on a positive idea sitting in the car I was greatly overwhelmed seeing them looking to me waiting for me to speak, to lead them in the March was an explainable feeling that everything I ever faced in my life good or bad lead to this bigger moment God has in store me. So now I dedicate my life to helping my community back home in Hawaii from all cultural backgrounds come to together with love and create positive solutions in a city that is facing massive gentrification of the rich coming inn buying/destroying everything kicking out the locals causing confusion and conflict among the people causing them to move to Las Vegas where it’s cheaper and as long as I’m living on this earth and got God on my side I will never stop fighting to give the place where I come from the leadership of truth and love for the betterment of humanity. its bigger than music for me.


One Love!


*Video recap of the #MarchForPeace social gathering.

special thanks to Joey for capturing it all on film.


*Thank you Hip-Hop DX for featuring me on their website:


The Mastery Of Self

this day & age so many artists from music, film, fashion, design, models & etc. Do things for an audience hoping to get validation from people outside sources rather than within themselves. that why majority of these artists you see today fall in deep suicide/ depression seeking constant big money deals signing their souls away to obtain massive amount of money/fame/approval in the industry thinking that it will bring them happiness. But sadly all the money in the world can’t get you eternal peace & happiness on this earth I don’t care who you are or who you think you are.

people get so caught up in watching the successful side of things they forget the struggle/sacrifice & humiliation it took for that certain person to get to where they are now.
as a youngester in middle school going into high school making music I thought getting a big record deal was everything cause I had no knowledge of the truth of what I have been domesticated by society’s standards via television seeing rappers/famous ppl flaunting their riches havin millions of fans living what people call: “Lavish Lifestyles”.

once I leaned the lies & enslavement of this human behavior created by a broken system it opened my eyes to re-align myself right w/ God learning to be true to myself. using my talents to help bring light to a world filled with lies after lies sharing the things that still continue to help me along my journey, as well as being that “voice of truth / Messanger” of God the Most High our creator.
I been making music & giving it away for free remaining independent for 8+ years going on to 9. I been on tour, opened for so many major famous artists such as:



who I never thought I would share the same stage with & sat in the room filled of the most talented people millions of people look up to that told me: “I Am Legend” praising me for my gifts. I’m never the one that likes to bring what I do or done up ever. but what I’m overall saying is that you don’t need to sell your soul to become successful or need anyone to validate your worth in this world. All you need to do is truly believe in yourself no matter what without seeking validation from anybody or anything but yourself. Never allow anyone to prevent you from becoming the best you can be.
I learned that what sepreates true greatness from mediocrity are the people who are willing to persevere thru their harshest struggles/humiliation with pure courage, strength, humbleness, wisdom & understanding. Who are willing to stand for something that is bigger than themselves standing up against the endless lies in our world that we as people been all domesticated by, who are willing to die to tell/reveal the harsh truth of our world that operates in a beautiful lie.



Practicing Patience / Perseverance

It’s been a week & a half since my last blog post, i know i promised to update my blog every week but i been busy w/ spending time with my family here in Hawaii & working on bettering myself. this past weekend was such a great one as well as a truthful one revealing the positive & negative energies in my life.

this past Sunday i spent time at my (not so young) sister’s Dormaude & her man Clyde’s place in Ewa Beach where we had a small family BBQ at their apartment pool w/ my cousins, lil brother, nieces, nephews, my mother & my aunt. At first my plan was initially to drop off my siblings & the food to my sisters place then head over to chill with my friend in town but something deep within told me to stay and enjoy the moment with my family or else i might regret it for the rest of my life, and so i did and honestly i’m glad i did because watching my mother, brothers, sister, cousins & aunt smiling, laughing together sharing stories, eating food, playing music and watching my little nephews and nieces swimming in the pool was truly priceless beyond anything. It truly felt like i was at the perfect place at the right time in perfect harmony placed by God i wasn’t worried about the future at all, not worrying about my music career, not worrying about money, not worrying about driving without a license or legal tags lol i truly felt at peace like a kid again when my family would have huge family cookouts in Vegas and everyone in my family was there having a good time and honestly i haven’t felt like that in a very long time.

On top of that my younger sister Maude is close to giving birth to her daughter which will be my 1st niece this month (June 17th) which is my little brother Nahshon’s birthday or next month not too sure? but nonetheless I’m so happy for her & truly proud of the woman she has become today she has taught me so much from taking care of myself from what i eat to how i perceive the world around me with wisdom and understanding of my own free will rather than with intellectual knowledge a.k.a being a (Mr. Know It All) or being subjugated by another person’s beliefs and  to always continue to be a student to life and love itself no matter what age i am or how much money,fame i obtain in this world cause to obtain unconditional love, wisdom & understanding is priceless something money can never buy.

I never thought my sister would be a parent truthfully lol because i remember when we were young she told me she was scared of having kids but fast forward to 21 she is  finally gonna be a mother to her first child (her daughter, my niece) & to see that she has met a man that is truly humble/smart & protector at heart is even a more blessing from God. I have learned what true unconditional love & patience is from her, my mother & lil brother.

they have put up with so much of my negative selfish ways in the past when i was younger that i am thankful they are still by my side & i wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world. anyways, I am also happy that my Dad is flying inn from Las Vegas on the 17th to surprise my sister during her labor since my Dad in the past didn’t approve of her having a child or being with Clyde but i am so proud and happy that he has come around to see the truth in the midst of it all and even more happy that me and my Dad really have a great relationship now we text each other almost everyday and talk about my life and what’s going on in the world today. He has also taught me so much as a black man living in America to be aware of the problems that were here way before my existence and how to deal with them in a positive manner but also stand up for myself and not take shit from no man because no man or government on earth can control me and keep me astray from my own free will that God has given me. He always told me that i have the ability to be anything i want in this world from a musician, a president, doctor, pilot, fire fighter, computer engineer to whatever my mind and heart takes me to and to never allow anyone to fake me out of being the greatest i can be.


The Art Of Practicing Patience & Perseverance 🙂





My name is Shaheem Falaniko also known as (PRIE) which means “Pray” in french.

I am a 24 year old Independent hip-hop artist from Hawaii/Vegas I started this new blog to help update any supporters of my music about my personal life & my career as a whole. every week I will try my best to update you guys with what’s taking place in my life to help you get more insight of who i am & what i stand for.

Just wanna give a huge THANK YOU to any & all supporters who have supported my music throughout the years of my journey if you ever downloaded my music, watched my videos, brought merch or even attended a show of mines……THANK YOU!

It’s been quite a long 9 years into my musical journey so many ups & downs but despite the roller coaster of events in my life from friends/fans jumping ship due to my constant mood swings on battling the upcoming fame i wasn’t prepared for in my early teens going into my early 20’s. Using women/alcohol/drugs to numb the feelings of pain that was within me lashing out at the ones who loved me the most that was in my corner rooting for me. At that time i was just overall  just battling the heavy load of a responsibilities put on my plate with the ones who believe in me the most to the point they see me as their only way of their own personal struggle, their only “light” but like that saying goes: “When much is given, Much is required.”

As of now i have been back home in Hawaii working on my new project, new visuals & spending time with family before i officially move back to Las Vegas in July to take my music on the road (Globally) w/ my team Jermaine Fletcher (manager) , Jimmie Thomas (creative director), Alec Dawson (engineer), Ges Miyashiro (PR). I have so much new amazing music I can’t wait to share it with you all very, very soon. Truly excited for what the future holds, but for now I’m living in the moment being thankful to be alive at this very moment gearing up for the future that awaits me ahead welcome to……….




photo by: Mark (@shuttergxng)